How to Spot Online Poker Agent Cheats

August 21, 2018

animebay.netHow to Spot Online Poker Agent Cheats.

Getting cheated after investing a couple of hours and thousands of dollars playing online poker hurts.  Nobody wants to be cheated no matter how small the amount involved is.  However, many poker players end up as victims of the unscrupulous actions of poker agents on a daily basis. Scam agents do it so that nobody can suspect if it is a cheat. They make it look like a penalty resulting from the violation of their terms and conditions. Most of them wait until you have won and they then block your computer IP address, lower the member chips or even close down their sites.


Have Limited Games

One trusted and genuine online poker agents like score88poker prevail in is offering thousands of different poker games in one place. Scam agents, on the other hand, offer a limited choice of poker games that run on unscrupulous servers.  Poker agents only work to list already developed and well-known poker games. They don’t own their own servers for running the games. Therefore, the poker agents you come across who have their own servers should be avoided as they are likely cons.

Provide Extremely High Minimal Deposit

Fake online poker agents offer extremely high minimum deposit amounts. They also only offer discounts and bonuses when you deposit amounts two or three times higher than their given minimal deposit amount. Many times, when you deposit the amount, your account will suddenly develop issues and that is how you will lose your money.

Carelessly Designed

Poker agents make money from listing poker games for players to access and play. Genuine agents always ensure that they create their sites such that they are easy to navigate and have the most updated designs. They keep updating their sites often to provide players with the most interesting play experiences. Fake agents, on the other hand, aren’t interested in providing the best experiences to their members. They only want to lure several people to their traps and then close down the sites before they are exposed, so they don’t invest much on such websites.

Poor Customer Support

Genuine online poker sites such as are designed to offer the best experiences to their members. They provide easy-to-reach customer care representatives who are available to serve you 24 hours for 7days a week.  As with fake online poker agents, they don’t have a dedicated team of customer care representatives who can handle client queries. Those who have often kept the clients waiting for long and in some instances, they never reply to customer queries. Be wary when you come across any online poker agent who does not have a dedicated customer care team.